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Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation known as MHRV, or HRV, provides a fresh and healthy indoor environment by continually filtering the air entering the dwelling and removing excess moisture from within the dwelling. This prevents mould growth, condensation and damp as well as removes harmful air borne substances, which may negatively affect human health. By continually filtering the inlet and extract air passages, the risk factors for Asthma, and other respiratory illnesses or allergies are greatly reduced. With more stringent building regulations and the launch of nZEB requirements, developers and builders are constantly pursuing the perfection of u-values and air tightness in new projects. With such air tight building envelopes mechanical ventilation is more important than ever.

HRV layout drawings

With each project we supply the necessary drawings for your installer.

The importance of proper design of MVHR systems cannot be overstated, these systems provide the indoor air quality that is vital to the health of you and your family. Using our ‘Unicalc’ software our engineers complete all calculations (ventilation distribution pressure drops, occupancy-based air supply etc.) required to ensure your ventilation system is designed to exceed current Part-F building regulations, as well as your own expectations. Unitherm can supply you with the full drawing package and parts.