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Hitachi Heat Pump Outdoor unit

Heat Pump System Design Overview

In Ireland, we know every project is unique, which is why we treat every project individually. Our team of fully qualified engineers design your system at quotation stage with our in-house bespoke design software ‘Unicalc’.

Using ‘Unicalc’ our engineers complete all calculations (SR50, Pump Sizing, etc.) required to ensure your heating system is designed to exceed current building regulations. This attention to detail from the beginning of your project makes Unitherm unique and provides you with the confidence that after installation, your system will work perfectly.

For every project we design we offer a complete system supply approach. This approach ensures that the correct components are supplied and installed as per our design, guaranteeing that nothing gets left out and that everything works as intended. The outdoor unit and indoor unit of the heat pump package are sized correct for the heat loss and water demand of the dwelling. 

With a complete Unitherm system installed you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that our detailed design and wealth of experience with renewable energy systems ensures you are kept warm and comfortable. Unitherm only works with reputable and carefully selected industry leading suppliers to bring you the best CE marked products.

All projects designed and supplied in full by Unitherm are commissioned by our team of highly skilled and fully trained commissioning engineers. Commissioning is a key step in ensuring that the system is installed as designed and setup to run in the most efficient manner. After their final inspection, our engineers can guide you through your system before handover. All our commissioning engineers have industry level qualifications to add to their in-depth knowledge and training on each specific brand of system we supply. This commitment to excellence in our team ensures that once we have commissioned your system, all you have to do is enjoy the comfort and warmth.

Prior to and during your installation process, our experienced engineers are always there to answer any questions you or your installer may have. We keep a record of your system designs so we can help you better if you should need us in the future. The advantage of this process means we know when you are due a service and what spare parts may be required.

We offer 3 different Heat Pump brands, each of which can be used with underfloor heating and radiators:

  • LG
  • Hitachi
  • Daikin
Hitachi Yutaki Heat PumpDaikin outdoor unit on balcony
Hot Water Cylinder in Plant roomLG R32 Monobloc Heat Pump