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Frankische Underfloor Heating

Fränkische, established in 1906, is an innovative, growth oriented German company, and an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of domestic water distribution systems. Excellent sound absorption properties, superior flow properties, corrosion resistant and and low co-efficient of linear expansion (comparable with copper) are some of the reasons Unitherm are extremely proud to supply Fränkische pipe to our customers.

turatec multi pipe – The superior composite pipe for use in heating and drinking water systems consists of am inner and outer layer of raised temperature resistant polyethylene (PE-RT) and a core of flexible butt – welded aluminium. The 3 layers are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers.

Once you submit the dwelling plans to Unitherm, we can design the layout of the pipe for optimum heat and efficiency. We then generate the loop plans for your installer along with all necessary documentation so you can be sure your system will be laid properly.

Frankische-Turatec UFH

Downloads & Data Sheets

Compliance Documentation

  • Frankische DW-8501BP0388 turatec - System 2004 English
    Examination Certificate
  • Frankische DW-8501BP0388 turatec - System Alpex Plus English
    Examination Certificate

Leaflets & Brochures

  • Frankische turatec Multi

Technical Data

  • Frankische turatec Multi
  • Frankische turatec
    Data Sheet 2
  • Frankische turatec
    Data Sheet 1
  • Farnkische Pressure - Water
    Pressure Test Report
  • Farnkische Pressure
    Pressure Losses Report