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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps work by drawing pre-heated, stale and humid air from your bathrooms, utilities, kitchens and other wet areas of your home, passing it through a heat pump, which extracts the energy, and exhausting the cold stale air out of your home through a vent. The energy extracted by the heat pump is then used to heat your radiators or underfloor heating, as well as your hot water cylinder, which is contained inside the all-in-one exhaust air unit.

An advantage of using an exhaust air heat pump is that you use the indoor air, which is always warm, as an energy source. The energy content of this indoor air is considerably higher than cold outdoor air. Another advantage is that the dwelling’s extract ventilation is provided for within the heating system. The indoor air becomes comfortable and no separate ventilation fan is needed.

While exhaust air heat pump systems are relatively new to the Irish market, we at Unitherm are no strangers to the technology. At Unitherm we select our exhaust air heat pump suppliers based on two key parameters, their system performance, and the innovation present in their units. The design and integration of exhaust air heat pumps into any project requires a total building evaluation and carefully attention to detail.

Our team of engineers are industry experts in exhaust air heat pump technology and have developed our own in-house software ‘Unicalc’, to design systems to the highest standards with particular emphasis placed on enthalpy calculations. From system design, to compliance and commissioning, you’re covered with Unitherm.

The EAHP has a COP (efficiency) of 500%+ that’s 9 TIMES more than a central plant and 6 TIMES more than a gas boiler and more than 9 TIMES that of central plant. The savings to the end user is substantial over the lifetime of the system.