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Steel radiator in a retrofitted home

Airfel Steel Radiators

Airfel is a longstanding producer of steel radiators. Their product facility is one of only a select few facilities across the world in panel radiator production field with high machine technology and cataphoresis coating. Manufacturing is completed on automatic weld lines, and all radiators are quality tested for 100% tightness, pressure resistance and presented with the Airfel quality seal of approval prior to dispatch.

Airfel products are manufactured with a special emphasis on their environmental impact, their panel radiators are produced using Green Technology Zirconium coating technology instead of Zinc Phosphate coating technology. This eliminates the use of heavy metals such as Nickel, Zinc and Manganese. reduces the waste mud amount by up to 95%, reduces the phosphate content within waste water, and saves water and electric energy through process stage reduction. Furthermore, their Cataphoresis process – normally only used in the auto industry- is one of the most modern surface treatment painting technologies available on the market today. It is an ecological method of painting and anticorrosive protection of steel products.

Aifel’s attention to detail, high degree of finishing and craftsmanship using one of the very best production processes in the industry, produces one of the best quality steel panel radiators available on the market today. They are available in a range of heights and widths so you can choose the most suitable for your room size.

Airfel Steel rad in hall

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